YGG Gwaun Cae Gurwen operates a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system to improve security and ensure the safety of our staff, children and visitors whilst on site. Cameras will be located across the grounds and inside the buildings.

The system is set up in accordance with GDPR requirements and will be used specifically to:

·       To protect pupils, staff, volunteers, visitors and members of the public with regard to their personal safety;

·       To protect the school buildings and equipment, and the personal property of pupils, staff, volunteers, visitors and members of the public;

·       To support the police and community in preventing and detecting crime and assist in the identification and apprehension of offenders;

·       To monitor the security and integrity of the school site and deliveries and arrivals;

·       To monitor and uphold behaviour among pupils in line with the school behaviour policy.

Our CCTV Policy is available to read and will hopefully alleviate any concerns you have regarding the use of CCTV on the site.