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Coronafeirws / Coronavirus

Diweddarwyd Chwefror 19eg / Updated Feb 19th 2021

Os bydd cyfraddau yn parhau i ostwng bydd plant Bl 3-6 yn dychwelyd ar Fawrth 15eg / If cases continue to fall then years 3-6 will return on March 15th

Diweddarwyd Chwefror 8fed / Updated Feb 8th 2021

Primary Recovery Plan and Risk Assessment for School Return- Feb 2021 with notes Version 10

Asesiad Risg Risk assessment COVID-19 080221 Fersiwn 10

Diweddarwyd Chwefror 5ed / Updated Feb 5th 2021

Dychweliad plant Meithrin, Derbyn, Bl 1 a Bl 2 ar 22.2.21/Nursery, Reception, Yrs 1 and 2 pupils return on 22.2.21

Diweddarwyd Chwefror 1af / Updated Feb 1st 2021

Asesiad Risg Risk assessment COVID-19 280121 Fersiwn 9

Diweddarwyd Ionawr 29ain / Updated Jan 29th 2021

Plant CS nol ar Chwefror 29ain os bydd achosion parhau i ostwng/Schools may open for younger pupils from Feb 22nd if cases continue to fall

Diweddarwyd Ionawr 12eg / Updated Jan 12th 2021

Asesiad Risg Risk assessment COVID-19 120121 Fersiwn 8

Diweddarwyd Ionawr 8fed / Updated Jan 8th 2021

Ysgol yn parhau a dysgu o bell tan o leiaf Ion 29ain / Schools continue to suspend face to face learning until Jan 29th

Diweddarwyd Ionawr 5ed / Updated Jan 4th 2021

Ysgol agor ar gyfer plant HWB yn unig / HWB pupil only until Jan 18th

Schools suspend face to face learning until 18.1.21

Diweddarwyd Rhagfyr 21ain / Updated Dec 21st 2020

Asesiad Risg Risk assessment COVID-19 211220 Fersiwn 7

Diweddarwyd Rhagfyr 19eg / Updated Dec 19th 2020

Cymru o fewn lefel 4 clolawr / Wales placed in Level 4 lockdown

Diweddarwyd Rhagfyr 18fed / Updated Dec 18th 2020

Ysgolion CNPT yn derbyn 2 ddiwrnod paratoi / NPT schools gain 2 buffer days for H&S and new term preparation

ALL YGG GCG pupils return on Jan 8th 2021

Diweddarwyd Rhagfyr 15fed / Updated Dec 15th 2020

Dysgu obell tan Rhag 18fed / Distance learning until Dec 18th

Diweddarwyd Tachwedd 2ail / Updated Nov 2nd 2020

Diweddarwyd Tachwedd 2ail/ Updated Nov 2nd 2020

Diweddarwyd Tachwedd 2ail / Updated Nov 2nd 2020

Asesiad Risg Risk assessment COVID-19 021120 Fersiwn 6

Diweddarwyd Hydref 23ain / Updated Oct 23rd 2020

Clo llym yng Nghymru tan Dachwedd 9 fed/ Fire break in wales until Nov 9th

Diweddarwyd Hydref 12fed/ Updated Oct 12th 2020




Diweddarwyd Medi  30ain/ Updated Sept 30th 2020

Asesiad Risg Risk assessment COVID-19 300920 Fersiwn 5

Diweddarwyd Medi  21ain/ Updated Sept 21st 2020

Covid 19 Parents information for schools v1

Diweddarwyd Medi  20fed/ Updated Sept 20th 2020

Achos positif yn ysgol / Confirmed case in school (letters sent out to all parents and relevant contact groups)

Diweddarwyd Medi  14eg/ Updated Sept 14th 2020



Diweddarwyd Medi  3ydd/ Updated Sept 3rd 2020

TTP Letter to Schools (Aug 2020) TTP Information for Schools – staff-parents-guardians (Aug 2020)-CYMRAEG TTP Letter to Schools (Aug 2020)-CYMRAEG TTP Information for Schools – staff-parents-guardians (Aug 2020)

Diweddarwyd Awst 15fed / Updated August 15th 2020

Asesiad Risg ysgol / School risk assessment

Asesiad Risg dychwelyd Medi Risk assessment returning Sept COVID-19 03082020

Diweddarwyd Gorffennaf 31ain / Updated July 31st 2020

Des dim angen i blant o dan 11 oedd i ymbellhau’n gymdeithasol / Pupils under 11 do not need to socially distance in schools

Diweddarwyd Gorffennaf 8fed / Updated July 8th 2020

Ysgolion ar agor i bawb o Fedi / Schools open to all pupils as of September

Diweddarwyd Mehefin 19eg / Updated June 19th 2020

Ysgolion agor Mehefin 29ain – Gorffennaf 17eg  / School open from June 29th – July 17th

Diweddarwyd Mehefin 3ydd / Updated June 3rd 2020

Ysgolion yn ail-agor / Schools re-opening in Wales ‘Phased opening’

Diweddarwyd Mai 22ain / Updated May 22nd 2020

Diweddarwyd Mai 19eg / Updated May 19th 2020

Hwb Ystalyfera i barhau i weithiwyr allweddol yn unig am y tro / Hwb at Ystalyfera to continue until further notice for Key workers only

Diweddarwyd Mai 7fed / Updated May 7th 2020

Hwb Ystalyfera i barhau i weithiwyr allweddol yn unig am y tro / Hwb at Ystalyfera to continue until further notice for Key workers only

Diweddarwyd Mai 4ydd / Updated May 4th 2020

Pamffled am gyfer plant rhieni gwethiwyr allweddol / Pamphlet for pupils whose parents are key workers

Advice for keyworker parents – helping your child adapt(1)

When your parent is a keyworker – advice for children and young people-1

Diweddarwyd Ebrill 28ain / Updated April 28th 2020

Education Minister sets out five key principles for schools’ return

Diweddarwyd Ebrill 22ain / Updated April 22nd 2020

Covid Briefing MindSafe CH01042020

Diweddarwyd Ebrill 20fed / Updated April 20th 2020

Education Minister Kirsty Williams has today (Monday, April 20) published a policy statement called Stay Safe. Stay Learning. which aims to support learners, leaders, governors, practitioners, parents and carers in dealing with the impact of coronavirus.

The Minister launched the guidance on the day that marks the beginning of summer term making Wales the only UK nation to provide national guidance and tools in a coordinated way.

The Minister’s statement makes it clear that the Welsh Government’s priorities will continue to be:

  • the safety and physical and mental health of all learners and the education workforce in Wales,
  • the ability of all learners to keep learning,
  • and learners’ transition back into school and onto the next phase of their learning when it is safe to do so.


Diweddarwyd Ebrill 20fed / Updated April 20th 2020

Bydd 8 hwb CNPT yn parhau – The eight NPT Hubs will continue.


Diweddarwyd Ebrill 15fed / Updated 15th April 2020

Please read the letter below which contains updated information for continued childcare provision in Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera (Our Hub school).

Darpariaeth Gofal Plant argyfwng o Ebrill 20fed –

‘Mae Sir CNPT yn mynd i ddarparu Gofal Plant Argyfwng i blant Gweithwyr Critigol a rhai disgyblion anghenus o Ebrill 20fed.  Bydd y Gofal Plant yn digwydd mewn 8 hwb ar draws y sir.  Os ydych yn Weithiwr Critigol ac angen Gofal Plant am y dyddiau a nodir, gofynnwn yn garedig ichi lenwi’r daflen / holiadur hwn ogydd.  Bydd un o’r hybiau ar safle Ystalyfera, ond efallai, byddwn yn gallu eich cyfeirio ar hwb arall sydd yn agosach i’ch cartref.  Ni fydd trafnidiaeth yn cael ei ddarparu (OND os oes gwirioneddol angen trafnidiaeth cysylltwch ‘ach ysgol arferol), ond bydd cinio a byrbryd ar gael.  Bydd y gofal plant ar gael o 8.30am hyd at 3.10pm.  Diolch am eich cefnogaeth. Gwnewch gais drwy glicio ar y cyswllt isod ogydd erbyn 12.00pm Dydd Iau 16/4/20. Bydd angen ichi gofrestri eich plentyn yn wythnosol drwy ddefnyddio cyswllt fel hyn.

Emergency Childcare Provision in NPT from April 20th –

‘NPT Council will provide emergency Childcare provision to children of Critical Key Workers and a specified number of vulnerable pupils from April 20th onwards.  This provision will be available in 8 hub locations across the county.  If you are a Key Critical Worker and require emergency Childcare provision during this time, please fill in the attached form.  One of the hubs will be located at Ystalyfera, but maybe we will direct you to a hub location which is closer to your home.  No transport will be provided for this provision, (however if you truly need transport, contact your school directly) however lunch and a snack are available.  This provision will be from 8.30am until 3.10pm on the dates noted. Please fill in the form by clicking on the link below,  if you require Childcare by Midday Thursday 16/4/20. Please note that you will need to register your child n this provision weekly by using this format.’


Diweddarwyd Ebrill 2ail / Updated 2nd April 2020

Please read the letter below which contains updated information for continued childcare provision in Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera (Our Hub school).

Llythyr i Rieni Hwb Ystalyfera

Letter to Parents Ystalyfera Hub Provision


Please read the following letters carefully containing updated information for Free School Meals pupils.

FSM Emergency Payments Letter


Diweddarwyd Mawrth 22ain / Updated 22nd March 2020

URGENT: Please see the following link for the most recent guidance from the Welsh Assembly Government


Diweddarwyd Mawrth 22ain / Updated 22nd March 2020

As a school, we are taking every precaution to safeguard our pupils and staff. It is essential that we remain vigilant to the symptoms and exercise high levels of personal hygiene, including effective hand washing. 

The latest information is that you should immediately self-isolate at home for 14 days if you or any member of your household have a recent onset of:
– High temperature and/or
– A new continuous cough.

Use the NHS symptom checker and take advice from Public Health Wales if in any doubt.

  • Washing hands – please remind your child(ren)  to regularly wash their hands for 20 seconds (singing Happy Birthday twice = 20 seconds). To sneeze into their elbow, do not hold hands playtimes, no high fives and use elbow bumps instead.

The council in partnership with its schools will continue to monitor this situation and communicate relevant messages directly to parents / carers.  Please check this webpage for updates.

Links to further information

Welsh Government Guidance

Public Health Wales Guidance

NHS Direct Symptom Checker

Diweddarwyd Mawrth 20fed / Updated 20th March 2020

Please read the following updated letters carefully about emergency childcare (not formal education) provision for keyworkers and vulnerable learners only and free school meals provision.

Free School Meals letter 


Diweddarwyd Mawrth 18fed / Updated 18th March 2020

Cau Ysgolion / School Closures

Statement from Minister for Wales

The Welsh Government have announced that schools will be closed from Friday 20th March. Please see our Home Learning tab on this website for all work for your child during this period of absence. This will be updated regularly. Further details on this to follow on our home learning page. We will update this page and our home learning page when we have further information.

Many thanks for your co-operation


Diweddarwyd Mawrth 17eg / Updated 17th March 2020

Diweddariad o’r wasanaeth Cownsela / Update from the School Based Counselling Service

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, the need to adhere to Government guidelines in relation to self- isolation and managing staff sickness, the School Based Counselling Service is operating at limited capacity and we are unable to receive any new requests for counselling at this time or provide an online counselling service. However, we will continue to offer telephone counselling to those individuals who are currently receiving counselling from our service where appropriate. If you are a parent and have concerns around your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing or a young person concerned about your mental and emotional wellbeing then please contact us via the methods below and we will endeavour to signpost you to appropriate services. Alternatively, Childline can be contacted on 0800 1111. Please be mindful that as the service is operating at a limited capacity, whilst we strive to answer emails in a timely manner, there may be a delay in responses.

Telephone: 01639 763362





Llythyron / Letters


Llythyr Coronavirus NPT rhieni  

Llythyr Coronavirus letter to parents

Llythyr Coronavirus NPT

Llythyr AE

Llythyr rhieni darpariaeth PASG

Trusted sources of wellbeing information whilst staying at home for Covid volunteers

NPT Early Years COVID booklet Final